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Restrooms and Lantern Making Station (7:00 – 9:30 pm) – Library – 400 SW 152nd


Pacific NW Railroad Archive and Boeing Employee Model Railroad Club – 425 SW 153rd St


Citlali Creative – Glow items and Glow Face Painting – 447 SW 152nd St


Box Maker Space—Restrooms and Make-Your-Own Laser Engraved Acrylic Light ($12 fee) – 611 SW 152nd St, lower back alley level, orange doors


Night Market – Movie Screen Wall Parking Lot, 6th and 153rd St


The Heart Gallery Paint and Sip – Fireflies (2 – 4 pm).  Seahawks paint and sip.  Free glow bracelets. – 627 SW 153rd ST


Sitka Living – Make A Wish table featuring Flying Wish Paper –  648 SW 152nd St


Highline Heritage Museum—Glow Museum – 819 SW 152nd St


Treat Cookies – Selling a cookie with neon or glow in the dark frosting. Glow item giveaway – 825 SW 152nd St

Art Installations


A Trip to the Moon | Blazinspace – Town Square Park


Flow Control | Bowman/James – Town Square Park


Cyclostyle | Seattle Design Nerds – Town Square Park


The Portal | Joe Cole – 498 SW 152nd St


Glow | Rob Angus – Alley between 443 and 445 SW 152nd St


Inspire | Dave Sederberg  – Corner of SW 152nd St and 6th Ave SW


Night Doodles | Marsha Rollinger – Between 605 and 625 SW 152nd St


We Dance with Giant Lasers | Dave Means – Movie Wall by Art Alley


Art Alley Black Light Murals | various – Art Alley


Art Alley DIY Black Light Chalk Mural – Art Alley


Nature’s Shadow Dance | Marcell Marias – 648 SW 152nd St


Paint the Walls with Light | Marcell Marias – Highline Heritage Museum Facade


Silver Mysteries of Night | Raven/Street – Highline Heritage Museum Window


Kineticolor | Marcell Marias – 825 SW 152nd St

Performers and Roaming Art


Clouded Leopard – Nebula | Sarah Lovett – Town Square Park and Roaming


Cirrus Circus | SANCA: School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts – Performance at Town Square Park, 7:00 – 8:00 pm


Ruby’s Garden | Nina M. Holmstrom – 629 SW 152nd and Roaming


Moon Dancers | Denise Henrikson – Roaming and Performance at Heritage Highline Museum at 9:15 pm

Art and Artists details

 A Trip To The Moon

by Blazinspace


Enjoy the time travel, and bask in the moonlight! This is a visual remix of the 1902 Georges Méliès’ film ‘A Trip to the Moon’ 120 years after its creation.  With our minds as our time machines and our eyes as our spaceships, the space we can explore together is infinite.  Shine a light.  Attack with love.

Flow Control

by Greg Bowman and Scott Keva James

Interactive Installation

Flow Control creates a fun, interactive surface for exploration. Visitors use two different control stations to Idynamically play with light and sound.  Move your hands or body in front of the camera to create waves of color.  Touch the panel to trigger sounds and explosions of light.


By Seattle Design Nerds


Cyclostyle, a circular arrangement of color changing columns shifts your eyes skyward towards a choreographed light show above. Created by the Seattle Design Nerds, a not for profit group of designers open to all, the group does public art, experimentation, and creative skill building all with a focus on making exciting things for public engagement that can be experienced in unexpected locations & ways.


By Joe Cole


Joe is not an artist. He found this Armoire after an eccentric uncles mysterious disappearance. It appears the old loon may have opened a portal in it. We’re not sure where it goes, what it means or if it’s even a portal. After the auction it was the only thing left. We tried donating the armoire to the usual lot of thrift shops but nobody would touch it, so a friend had the good sense to suggested bringing it down to Burien and entering it in Arts-a-glow… I hope you can get some use out of it.


by Rob Angus


I am interested in the convergence of time and happenstance, and the aesthetic qualities of things that would normally go unnoticed.  I shoot photos and videos of clouds, plants, water, lights, shadows, graffiti, and other stuff I see around me on my iPhone, and process and edit them in Adobe Premier to create the videos I project during my concerts.  Usually I perform live acoustic music in kinetic surround sound that sounds like dark ambient electronic music.  For this light festival, the soundtrack is prerecorded, using the some of the same instruments I usually play live (cello, horns, voice, flutes, sound toys), and with a 4 channel surround system rather than my usual 6 channel system.


By Dave Sederberg


A black light installation of panels making up the word “Inspire” Each panel is painted by a different artist.

Night Doodles

By Marsha Rollinger


Marsha Rollinger is a versatile, professional visual designer who loves illustration, design, color, and community. She enjoys experimenting with different media and working on various types of art projects, private and public.

Night Doodles is a three-piece installation that celebrates nighttime and some of the animals and objects relating to it, drawn with light.

We Dance with Giant Lasers

by Dave Means

Interactive Installation

Come and experience this one of a kind interactive art installation.  This 2.5w laser will project your movements in realtime up 10x your size.

Come walk or dance with giants and join the fun!

Art Alley Black Light Murals

by Mural Masters


Last year Mural Masters teamed up with Arts-A-Glow to create murals that incorporated a glow-in-the-dark element and brought art back to the streets of Burien. This year the Glow is re-illuminating two of those murals.

Art Alley D.I.Y Black Light Chalk Mural

by … You!

Interactive Installation / participatory art

Everyone is invited to pick up some black light chalk, and contribute to this temporary canvas on the Art Alley wall.  Black lights will make the live creations glow.  Come draw something!

Nature’s Shadow Dance

by Marcell Marias



Shadows of natural objects are projected onto two screens made of lycra.

Paint the Walls with Light

by Marcell Marias

Interactive Projection

An interactive video projection mapping experience taking place on the exterior walls of the Highline Heritage Museum. This piece will serve as a large outdoor experience for people walking on 152nd Ave. Visualizations will be played interactively using various controllers. The intent of the piece is to instill wonder and amazement in the hearts and minds of the Arts-A Glow attendees.

Silver Mysteries of Night

By Amber Raven and Raymond Street

An installation of Light based on a poem

Calliope inspires the Poet, and the Poet creates!  Amber Raven and Raymond Street  manifest the creativity feedback loop in Silver Mystery of Night.  Costumed appearance at the event and a magical illuminated display at the Highline Heritage Museum await.  Poetry inspired by the events goings on will be shared through out the rest of September via social media and Archmonoth’s blog.
        “In the distance, across the galaxy of our town,
          a lamp post turned to us, looking down…”


by Marcell Marias


 Shaped screens are attached to servo motors. projections are mapped to the shapes, and the projections turn as the shapes turn. fun!

Clouded Leopard – Nebula

by Sarah Lovett


As an artist I use and develop my ability to receive and process information through a unique perceptive lens, bringing art, images, ideas, into form. On a larger scale the creative process is a step towards being a fully embodied creator in alignment with all other life forms. As an artist, creation is consciously seeing the world into existence, while holding onto that edge between curiosity and wonder.
My art currently takes the form of creatures that show up in dreams or have significance in life and transformation. The process of creation and construction is a large part of my enjoyment in making and innovating. Works are crafted with reed framing and covered in paper and silk.  Giant puppets are lightweight and articulated, illuminated – engineered to be easy to move for play. I also may include other materials, for example to create volume I have used Tyvek and silk sewn into dimensional fabric to create a lattice net effect.  My challenge was to innovate  ultralight construction methods for ease of movement. My goal in creating these puppets is to make forms that are not only a joy to watch, but  fun to perform.

Cirrus Circus



Cirrus Circus is a performance troupe for youth ages 12 to 18 from the School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts (SANCA) in Seattle. SANCA’s Youth Performance Program is an immersive, multi-year arts program that gives youth a unique arts experience and a progressive track to develop performance skills based on traditional and modern circus arts.

Ruby’s Garden

by Nina M. Holmstrom

Mobile Art Piece

 Nina M. Holmstrom is a Bladesmith, Visual Artist, Photographer, and Visionary. “Ruby’s Garden is an idea I’ve had for many years. My original inspiration came from a giant flower making workshop I attended for the Fremont Solstice Parade several years ago. I’m a mushroom forager, gardener, and Nature lover at heart and have always loved the whimsy of Amanita mushrooms. Using an art trike as a base for this project was the best idea because I can take Ruby anywhere. The art is mobile and so is the magic!”

Moon Dancers

by Denise Henrikson


Celebrate humanity’s connection to the moon’s movement, light and shadow… Did you know we are all made of stardust?