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Art Making, Museums, Market and More!


Restrooms and Lantern Making Station (7:00 – 9:30 pm) – Library – 400 SW 152nd


Information and First Aid booth – Town Square Park


Pacific NW Railroad Archive and Boeing Employee Model Railroad Club – 425 SW 153rd St


Box Maker Space, Restrooms and Make-Your-Own Laser Cut Lantern ($10 fee) – 611 SW 152nd St, lower back alley level, orange doors


Night Market and Glow Dance Zone Movie Screen Wall Parking Lot, 6th and 153rd St


Highline Heritage Museum—Glow Museum, Facepainting Station, and Dragon Dreaming performance (9-10 p.m.) – 819 SW 152nd St


Marine Bioluminescence with Salmon: headband crafting  Environmental Science Center  – Highline Heritage Museum parking lot – 819 SW 152nd St

Art Installations


Waves for Generations | Angie Mendoza Tudares – Town Square Park


Crystals and The Trap of Light | blazinspace and Frida Ray Bones – Town Square Park


Botanic Collision | Colton Sampson – Town Square Park


FunGlow | Genevieve Hildebrand-Chupp, Logan Vickery – Town Square Park


Lamina | Foxlight Labs – 441 SW 152nd St


Magik Intuition | Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys – alley between 443 and 445 SW 152nd St


DIY Black Light Chalk Mural – alley between 443 and 445 SW 152nd St


Selfies in Flyt | Jen Tolle – Discover Burien, 611 SW 152nd St


Luminescent Dancer | Xiu Xiu Bunting – 626 SW 152nd St


Feathers Alight | Shannon Thomas – between 623 and 625 SW 152nd St


Art Alley Black Light Murals | various – Art Alley


Knock Knock | Seattle Design Nerds – Art Alley, near Movie Screen Wall 


We Glow with Light | Marcell Marias – Lunaglow – Glow Dance Zone


Source of Light | Anika Goyal – between 641 SW 152nd St


A F T E R G L O W | Therese Gietler – SW corner of Ambaum and SW 152nd St


Glow 2 | Rob Angus – Highline Heritage Museum Facade, 819 SW 152nd St


Dragon Dreams | Amber Raven – Highline Heritage Museum Window, 819 SW 152nd St



Lone Survivor | Scott Piecuch – 825 SW 152nd

Performers and Roaming Art


Cirrus Circus | SANCA: Seattle – performance at Town Square Park, 7:30 – 8:30 pm


Across the Sea | Sarah Lovett, with Kim David Hall – Town Square Park and roaming


Chrysalis Circus – performances at corner of SW 152nd St and 6th Ave SW and roaming


DJ Cluster  – Glow Dance Zone 


Dragon Dreaming | Essay Powell – performance at Highline Heritage Museum, 9:00 – 10:00 pm


Salmon is Life | Denise Henrikson – roaming 


Bollywood |  Katrina Ji roaming 

Art and Artists details

Waves for Generations

by Angie Mendoza Tudares


Teaching kids of varying ages, I often think of their future. I ask myself, what will they care about and what problems will they tackle? What will the world look like in 10 years? Now, more than ever is a time to pause and reflect. As we stand in the middle of a complex and chaotic world, it’s important to imagine where we are headed. Young people need us and we all need each other so humanity has a chance at life. You cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that you can do.

Crystals and The Trap of Light

by blazinspace and Frida Ray Bones


Frida Ray Bones (nee Kelly Fleek) is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in sculpture, painting, textiles, installation, photography, and music. For this piece She has sewn a snare trap for starlight, a ‘Ghost Vessel’ to allure the light from blazinspace’s visuals and entrap it within their crystal containers. Blazinspace is a pseudonym for the artist Gardenia Theroux. They are an adept digital painter, and a VJ who mixes imagery past and present to tell stories with the juxtaposition of sound and shapes.

Botanic Collision

by Colton Sampson

Interactive Installation

Graduating in 2022 from Western Washington University with a BA and BFA in Studio Arts, Colton Sampson, is a Seattle-based emerging artist that engages with many forms of creative coding arts. Not limiting his mediums, he uses a diverse array of new media art forms including 3D modeling, projection mapping, 3D printing, augmented reality, and sculpting. With an ever-changing digital landscape, Colton looks to use these tools to find new ways to connect people to each other. Early into his career,he has shown locally and internationally through Bellingham arts and music festival 2022, Lusio light festival, jiggle juice resisdency, Gehime gallery, mind port and blue cone studio’s.


by Genevieve Hildebrand-Chupp, Logan Vickery


FunGlow was made by in collaboration between Genevieve Hildebrand-Chupp and Logan Vickery. FunGlow provides solace from our everyday lives and adds a dash of whimsy.


by Foxlight Labs


Foxlight Labs is a group of light artists and scientists from Eugene, OR who push the boundaries of perception with lights, music, and mirrors. They have been working together for the past five years, bringing creations inspired by nature and geometry to various community events and festivals. With a focus on interactive light art, their creations blend the senses of participants, evoking a state of wonder and childlike enthusiasm in those who engage with them.

Magik Intuition

by Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys

Live Black Light Painting

Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys is a South Seattle based Visual Artist. She was born and raised in Mexico City, but she calls the PNW her home. She is bilingual Art Educator, Youth Mural facilitator, an emerged Public Artist, Business entrepreneur, Creative Director of ArtMaranth Mobile School, Consultant, Performer of Dos Fridas live installation, Community builder, Gardener, mother of a teenager and a cat mama.

D.I.Y Black Light Chalk Mural

by … You!

Interactive Installation / participatory art

Everyone is invited to pick up some black light chalk, and contribute to this temporary canvas on the new black light chalk alley wall.  Black lights will make the live creations glow.  Come draw something!

Selfies in Flyt

by Jen Tolle

Interactive Installation

This is Jen Tolle’s first light creation but she has always been creatively minded and into film, ceramics, photography and other creative forms and outlets. For her first show, she chose dragonfly wings which have both beauty, translucency, and personal significance.

Luminescent Dancer

by Xiu Xiu Bunting


During the late summer and early autumn, butterflies begin to emerge, carrying the profound symbolism of transformation, hope, growth, and change.

Feathers Alight

by Shannon Thomas


So impressed with last year’s Arts a Glow I promised myself I would have something for this year- and now I have seven lanterns with over 25 pieces of my art in wondrous colorful translucent display!

Art Alley Black Light Murals

by Mural Masters


In 2021 Mural Masters teamed up with Arts-A-Glow to create murals that incorporated a glow-in-the-dark element and brought art back to the streets of Burien. This year the Glow is re-illuminating two of those murals.

Knock Knock

by Seattle Design Nerds

Interactive Installation

Enter a doorway to a new dimension with this interactive projection and LED based artwork

We Glow with Light 

by Marcell Marias – Lunaglow

Interactive Projection Art

Video Projection Mapping on the painted movie screen in the parking lot behind 152nd St. People can effect the particle system with their body movements and see it projected in front of them. This allows people to be involved in affecting the art in real time.

Source of Light

by Anika Goyal


Anika’s inspiration is deeply rooted in her connection with nature. As an oil artist, she is drawn to the intricate beauty of flowers, the vastness of landscapes, and the patterns of sky. The art piece – “Source of Light” intertwines nature’s beauty with multi-colored lanterns. Adorning these lanterns are butterflies and birds, painted with delicate details. Against the backdrop of majestic mountains and trees, the lanterns scatter an enchanting glow. The artwork illuminates not just the canvas, but our perception of the interplay between human imagination and the timeless beauty of nature.


by Therese Gietler


Twilight inspires my art, where Afterglow trees emit a radiant glow like a forest’s last breath at sunset. Beneath, Mycorrhizae connect trees, conduits for whispered twilight dialogues—sharing secrets, ancient tales, and timeless wisdom, ensuring collective security through the night.

Glow 2

by Rob Angus

Projection and Sound

I am interested in the convergence of time and happenstance, and the aesthetic qualities of things that would normally go unnoticed. I shoot photos and videos of clouds, plants, water, lights, shadows, graffiti, and other stuff I see around me on my iPhone, and process and edit them in Adobe Premier to create my videos.

Dragon Dreams 

by Amber Raven


Inspired by the likes of Pierre et Gilles and Hayao Miyazaki, Amber Raven has created a magical dreamscape for the Obsidian Dragons. Obsidian was used by ancient Aztecs for many things, including mirrors. Obsidian mirrors were used to conjure visions and see divine prophecies and this skyscape is one of those visions.  

Lone Survivor

by Scott Piecuch


A neon artist in Seattle, WA, Scott’s three-dimensional works utilize light, reflection, and patterns to create abstract forms that shift with perspective. He is currently working on a series of objects coated in silver and etched with patterns to allow light to be blocked, reflected, and transmitted in novel ways.

Across the Sea

by Sarah Lovett, with Kim David Hall

Mobile Art Piece

Across the Sea, a luminary seahorse land-ship, a playful expression of wonder invokes a dream like or fairytale fantasy. In this world kindness counts. The wind is blowing kisses at our backs. We light the way with our imagination.

Cirrus Circus

by SANCA Seattle


The School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts, SANCA, is located in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood with a mission is to improve the mental, emotional, and physical health of children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities by engaging them in the joyous creativity of acrobatics and circus arts. Cirrus Circus, one of SANCA’s youth performance troupes will delight with juggling, acrobatics, amazing circus feats, glowing smiles, and glowing props.

Circus entertainment 

by Chrysalis Circus


We are a circus company that builds community and artist support through teaching, shows, and collaborations.

DJ Cluster

by Andrew Golden


DJ Cluster will be mixing a set of journey style trance with songs from the present, along with some select tracks from the 90s.

Dragon Dreaming

by Essay Powell


From 9 to 10 at the museum parking lot, Esjay Powell will share her martial skill “Dragon Dreaming”.  A type of ribbon dance,  Dragon Dreaming is a kinetic art, using only her body to propel and swirl the massive dragon tail about her.

Illuminated Salmon

by Salmon is Life

Mobile Art Piece

A school of illuminated Salmon will be swimming through the streets of Burien, celebrating our interconnection with the web of life. The Salmon’s journey to sustain existence continues, and so must ours. 

Rajasthani Bright!

by Katrina Ji

Mobile Art Piece

Rajasthani Bright! The Folk Artists of Rajasthan India are an underrepresented group of artists. Katrina Ji’s aim is to preserve and share their cultural art form across America.