WHAT is arts-a-glow?

The Glow is a free community arts festival hosted by the City of Burien and developed and implemented by Burien city staff and community artists. 2024 will be the 17th year of the festival. 

Building on the success of last year’s festival, 2024 will feature a new collection art including projection mapping on buildings, light-art installations, roving performers, spectacles, and hands-on experiences for people of all ages.

2024 call for art IS NOW OPEN

Arts-A-Glow wants you and your art!  All artists or artist teams are invited to apply.  New or emerging artists and artists from traditionally or currently underserved communities, including rural communities and communities of color, are especially encouraged to apply.

To submit your art to the festival, please review the information here, then follow the link at the bottom to submit.

Downtown Burien, WA - Event date: September 7, 2024, 7:00-10:30pm
Deadline for Submissions: 8:00 pm, June 30, 2024


Arts-A-Glow is looking to bring a diversity of energetic experiences to the downtown, and we are looking for art that engages, inspires, and excites audiences. The emphasis of the festival is on the energy of light, spectacle, interactivity, and celebration.  The Glow is dedicated to showcasing and supporting established contemporary artists as well as aspiring local talents, and to including a variety of viewpoints, life-experiences, and voices.

Want to build something fabulous, or already have something that you know is a great match?  We look forward to seeing your ideas and including your amazing art in our festival. 

New to the art scene but have a great idea?  Arts-A-Glow is passionate about growing the local art pool –  a portion of funding is set aside for first time artists and community groups.  Need a little help with your vision?  Reach out to the AAG team for a one-on-one virtual meeting. 

Do you have art that is NEW to Burien? Got a great existing piece that just needs a little love to return to a festival? Micro Grants are available for small fixes:  to purchase batteries, make small repairs to existing art, or for transportation.

Downtown Burien offers many opportunities for light art of various types and scales.  We are interested in both large and small-scale pieces and in pieces that create spectacle as well as those that evoke more subtle, thoughtful experiences.

We are specifically looking for art works in the following categories:

  • Projection Mapping (on buildings, walls or murals)
  • Light based art installations or sculptures
  • Interactive installations involving light
  • Video content for publicly placed video monitors or projection screens
  • Roving, light-based  costume, movement or dance artists or groups


Artwork must be illuminated in some way and must feature light prominently.

Artwork must have no lasting physical impact – leaving “no trace”.

Works can be new for this event or previously created works.

All works at Arts-A-Glow will be staged in the public spaces for all the hours of the festival.  Setup will be limited to the day of the festival (though special arrangement may be made for setting projections on the previous night).

All art must be waterproof and weather-ready.  Weather is unpredictable and this event happens rain or shine.

Arts-A-Glow is for everyone to enjoy, so all artworks must be family friendly.

No fire, candles or other open flames are permitted.

The use of sound is possible but will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be location dependent. The soundscapes, sound effects, etc. should be planned to be limited to the specific site.


Following the application process, festival staff will connect artists with appropriate sites.  If you are a local artist, or are familiar with the Burien downtown core, and have a specific site in mind, be sure to let us know in your application.  Artists are encouraged to visit Downtown Burien- 152nd and 153rd streets from 4th SW to Ambaum Blvd, Olde Burien, and Town Square Park (480 SW 152nd St.) prior to preparing their proposal.

For all accepted pieces, we will assist with finding an appropriate location and determining the opportunities and limitations thereof. It is to your advantage to describe the ideal placement for your art.


Stipend awards are available, in amounts to be determined based on a case-by-case basis. Arts-A-Glow is a publicly funded event, and stipend amounts are limited.  Though everyone is encouraged to apply, typically, stipends will not be large enough to cover travel from other regions or countries, or for lodging in Burien.  

aOnce a proposal is accepted and a site has been preliminarily chosen, we will review the technical needs of the site and evaluate artist estimates, and make each accepted artist an offer. Artists are encouraged to provide multiple proposals in different categories.

Artists’ names will be listed on promotional materials.


  • Quality of submitted work
  • Ability of the proposal to be executed within the budget and timeline
  • Ability of the proposal to meet public safety and environmental issues
  • Compliance to guidelines and submission requirements


The City of Burien and 4Culture will have the right to graphically reproduce accepted work through print, film or electronic media for documentary, educational, and promotional purposes.


  • Ongoing communication regarding project evolution and site needs.
  • Artworks must be installed and/or ready to display by 7:00 pm and removed between 10:30 and 11:30 pm on September 7, 2024
  • Artist must provide all installation equipment needed.
  • Artist will be required to sign a contract, and to submit tax information to receive payment.
  • Based on location, power may be available. But please have a backup plan– quiet running generators (below 60 DB).
  • Artists must be able to be present to act as art docent for the full length of the festival, plus any hours required for set-up and tear-down before and after the event.

Click on the Apply Now button to open a Google form. To complete the application you will need information about yourself (or group), your art and your experience. Due date for submissions is 8:00 pm June 30, 2024.

Questions?  Please send email to art@artsaglow.art

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